Android Virtual Reality Could be Coming


Android Virtual Reality Could be Coming

Android has become the popular mobile operating system and Android Wear is taking the smartwatch industry by storm - what's next for Google made OS?

Virtual Reality apparently.

A report from the Wall Street Journal is saying that Google has a team of engineers working on the next new Android platform, this time focussed on the growing area of virtual reality apps. The idea would be to create a strong software base and release it for free to try to draw even more developers to Android and increase their user base in the burgeoning VR world. Google has seen this method work wonders with Android (which is also free to use) and they're planning to get in on the VR action as early as possible - there isn't even a decent retail headset available yet.

In many ways its still extremely early days for VR. While the tech was all over Mobile World Congress last week, consumers won't be getting their hands on the actual devices for some time yet. And even when they do, the first generation (or two) is likely to be less than stellar. Still the possibilities of VR are huge for gaming, movies and other forms of entertainment and Google (which doesn't have a headset of their own right now) wants to be right there in the mix with Facebook's Oculus Rift and Valve's Vive.

We're looking forward to seeing where the technology goes in the future.

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