Android Wear Gets an Update


Android Wear Gets an Update

Android Wear is a major component of the current smart watch trend, as it powers a number of high profile devices from the likes of Sony, LG and Motorola.

It's an operating system designed from the ground up to be used with wearables (the clue's in the name!) and Google is committed to keeping it up to date for many years to come. Their latest update, version 4.4W2, brings a host of changes, some of which were previously mentioned as coming to the Moto 360.

So it seems these new additions are actually to do with Google's firmware, rather than anything Motorola is doing. So you can expect a range of devices to switch off ambient functionality when the battery drops below 15 percent as well as adapting to the lighting conditions of the room when charging.

After the update, the Smart Watch will also check the time with its paired phone more often to keep things accurate. A major new addition is the ability to pair the smart watch with Bluetooth devices so you can control music playback. Although in that situation you'll be linking from your phone, to your watch and on to your headset. Which seems like overkill.

There's also GPS functionality (only on the Sony Smartwatch 3) and new music controls, as well as the ability to hide notifications if you don't want to deal with them at the moment.

There's no confirmed date for the firmware update but it should be arriving in the coming days.

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