Apple AirPods ripped apart for your entertainment


Apple AirPods ripped apart for your entertainment

Apple went all out for the reveal of their latest iPhone in September 2016, which had many amazing features and a few interesting choices. Chief among them was the fact that Apple chose to remove the headphone jack for the first time, signalling a move to a new era of smarter audio solutions for users. Or a way to make people spend more money on peripherals, your choice really.

At the same time, the company made a lot of noise about their new Wireless earphone product - the AirPods... and then they failed to release in a timely fashion. Still these dinky little units are finally available and you can buy them worldwide.

Naturally, that means the folks at iFixit grabbed a pair and tore them apart for our amusement!

Check out just how much stuff Apple has managed to cram into each Pod in the video below.

These things really are tiny, and apparently quite difficult to get into. iFixit is all about investigating ways to repair products at home and in the case of the Apple AirPods... well you won't be doing anything like that. It's all held together with glue and prising the seams apart leads to things being broken apart beyond repair.

It's still fascinating to get a glimpse at the inner workings, and to see how Apple puts their incredible products together.

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