Apple could release 3 new iPads in 2017


Apple could release 3 new iPads in 2017

Apple is considering launching three new iPad tablets in 2017, as revealed in an article from DigiTimes.

Attributing the information to sources from Apple’s upstream supply chain, the three new tablets include a 9.7-inch iPad, a 10.5-inch iPad plus an upgraded 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

All three tablets are still in the planning phase, with mass production expected in the first quarter for the 9.7-inch iPad and in the second quarter for the 10.5-inch iPad and 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

However, the sources note, the three new models may not be announced or released until the second half of the year.

The sources also suggest that the 10.5-inch iPad may replace the current 9.7-inch model product line, as the newer model will become an affordable entry-level device used by Apple to target the education sector.

Apple could release 3 new iPads in 2017 on
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