Apple finally launches a Battery Case for iPhone


Apple finally launches a Battery Case for iPhone

Apple has finally answered the call of many of its users by releasing an officially battery case for their iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s handsets.

The extra case connects to the phone via its lightning connector and provides additional battery power when its needed most. Apple says that you could get up to 25 more hours of talktime and around 18 hours of internet browing using mobile data. That's a nice bit of extra battery life, especially as smartphone batteries have started to become so unreliable.

The case will come in charcoal or white and is made of soft touch silicone and microfibre. Not only will it look pretty slick but those materials also mean it should provide some protection for your phone in the event of a drop. The case and phone will charge at the same time and the smart features of the battery pack mean you'll be able to find out exactly how much charge it has left in the phone menu.

Apple wont comment on exactly how big the battery is but they tend to be pretty accurate with their stats so this case should provide a decent amount of extra power. We can't say it's the best looking product the company has ever made but that won't matter much if it works.

The Smart Battery Case is available now for $99.

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