Apple iWatch Already in Production - Reports


Apple iWatch Already in Production - Reports
Wearable tech still on track for a September launch

The latest reports to emerge from the Far East surrounding Apple's long-rumoured iWatch wearable device are suggesting that the device has already entered production ahead of its planned September release date. Newspaper China Times claims that small quantities of the device are already in the process of being manufactured, suggesting that Apple has almost finalized its plans for the technology.

Contrary to previous reports that claimed Apple was looking at flexible chip technology, a decision has apparently been made to instead use the more traditional system-in-package (SIP) technology normally found in devices like smartphones and MP3 players, with companies including Kinsus Interconnect Technology Corp., NanyaPCB and ASE Group all named as companies potentially providing the chips for the project.

To date, the wearable market hasn't quite panned out as many analysts had expected, with none of the major players yet finding a way to present the technology in a way that appeals to consumers, however it's thought that Apple's marketing power (and ample budget) could kick-start the entire industry, starting this September if rumours are to be believed.

Apple iWatch Already in Production - Reports on
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