Apple Reveals New Details on the Stunning Apple Watch


Apple Reveals New Details on the Stunning Apple Watch

There are still a few months left to wait until the arrival of the Apple Watch but today we've got new information straight from the official site.

The updated pagegives us a lot more information about the range of possible watch faces, including the ability to scale the complexity of the design - from having no numbers to counting each millisecond on an analog face. You can also get a glimpse of the massive style choices already available, from space-age digital designs to a discombobulated looking Mickey Mouse.

Apple has also revealed what they call Complications. While the word seems like a poor choice (why would you want people thinking its complicated?) they basically seem to be small apps or widgets you can access straight from the home screen on the Watch. So you might tap the top right to set an alarm or the top left to check on your activity for the day.

There are also new animations for the different ways to connect - including sending someone your heart rate by pressing two fingers to the screen. Presumably this is to let them know that you are currently alive, and that you haven't recently turned into some kind of vampire.

All in all, there's plenty of new information and the site is definitely worth a look for the typically gorgeous Apple way in which its presented. What we don't get is any idea of a release date, though reports suggest it could arrive by spring 2015.

More as we get it.

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