Apple Sends Out Invite for Sep 9th Conference Wishes it Could Say More...


Apple Sends Out Invite for Sep 9th Conference Wishes it Could Say More...

The internet might be rife with rumours and leaks about upcoming Apple products but we have to remember, the company itself hasn't said a word. Until now.

Messages just went out to select press inviting them to a special presentation on the 9th of September 2014. The invite said little else, apart from the words: "Wish we could say more..."

The event is going to kick off at 10am Pacific Time and the only other bit of info was a new venue - The Flint Centre for Performing Arts in Cupertino. It's got some history to it, as the site was where Steve Jobs demoed the first Mac 30 years ago. According to reports, a full three storey building has been constructed next to the site, which might play host to demos after the presentation.

Apple may be keeping quiet but that doesn't mean we're fully in the dark. Numerous reports are suggesting that they're going to unveil a 4.7 inch iPhone 6, with a larger 5.5 inch model kept back for later in the year. It also seems increasingly likely that they'll finally confirm some wearable tech, something which ever major manufacturer has to get round in 2014 apparently. There'll also be news on the latest versions of iOS and MacOS.

There's some serious momentum building and little doubt that whatever they do the sales will come pouring in but there's also the sense that this conference is a big deal for Apple and could have massive ramifications for the company. Other tech giants have made great strides while Apple has been idling for the last couple of years, its time for them to go big or dop even further behind.

Coverage of the Apple event starts at 10am Pacific Time on Tuesday September 9th, that's 6pm in Ireland.

Apple Sends Out Invite for Sep 9th Conference Wishes it Could Say More... on
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