Apple Set to Launch iWatch in September?


Apple Set to Launch iWatch in September?
First wearable tech from Apple to debut soon?

The much-rumoured Apple iWatch could become reality as early as September if the latest reports are to be believed. Economic Daily, a Chinese publication, is claiming that the device is set for release this year, and that Apple has lofty goals of shifting around 65 million units by the start of 2015.

Despite being some incredibly high numbers, it's possible that an Apple smart watch that's reasonably priced could well lead to market dominance by the Cupertino based company, with most smart wear so far struggling to convince the general public to fork over their hard earned money.

The wearable technology market is one that's receiving a lot of focus at the moment, with seemingly every hardware manufacturer wanting to jump onboard the bandwagon, and it could well be that the first company to really nail the tech will emerge as the dominant force - something that Apple will already be very familiar with given the huge success of its revolutionary iPhone and iPad ranges.

If the device does launch in September, one would hope that reports of Apple struggling to find suitable display and flexible chip technology for the project have been wide of the mark, because an unreliable device could potentially cause irreprable damage to the market for years to come.

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