Apple Set to Up Resolution for iPhone 6?


Apple Set to Up Resolution for iPhone 6?
1740 x 960 planned as Apple ups the display ante...

The latest iPhone 6 rumour to roll off the presses is that Apple is set to increase the device's resolution to 1740 x 960, far surpassing its previously vaunted Retina Display technology.

The move should be a lot easier for developers to handle than the complete switch in screen size when the iPhone 5 was launched, but it'll nevertheless bring with it a few potential issues, especially if Apple opts to increase the display size again (which is looking very likely).

To get around the issues in a relatively straightforward way, website 9to5Mac claims that the device could offer a simlar system to the double magnification view mode found when running iPhone apps on the much larger iPad. It's unknown whether or not Apple will make this option compulsary for developers, or whether it'll simply be an optional extra to improve functionality and aesthetics for users.

It has been widely reported that the iPhone 6 will see a jump in screen size from the relatively modest 4" of the iPhone 5, 5S and 5C, to 4.7" initially, with another device with an even larger 5.5" display possible in the new year. Given the fact that one of the iPhone ecocystem's major strengths has been its uniformity, it's possible that Apple may be shooting itself in the foot if it rolls out what would be a third and fourth display size change in little over two years.

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