Apple Using Drones To Improves Maps


Apple Using Drones To Improves Maps

Apple maps release was a bit of the disaster for the tech giant from Cupertino. However they will be looking to improve their maps app with the use of drones to map out their own data.

Previously drawing maps from other suppliers apple has decided to start collecting its own data to catch the like of their biggest competitor google maps.

The biggest advantage that google has is time, they have been collecting maps data for over a decade now with vans and bikes using 3D imaging software to develope their own maps.

Apple, it appears in the US, has already sought the approval of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to use drone technology for their mapping technology.

Apple have also acquired smaller tech start-up for an interior mapping project.

This is not a new feature by any means but one with limited efficacy, some indoor locations are already available to the public on google maps and was even used in a promotional capacity, some of you will remember that for the launch of Batman Vs Superman the interior location used as Wayne Manor/the Batcave was online for a tour.

"There’s a huge data-quality issue there, and I don’t think we initially appreciated all the kinds of technology we would need to do that on an ongoing basis," Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering said earlier this year.

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