Apple Watch Battery Could Last Less Than 24 Hours


Apple Watch Battery Could Last Less Than 24 Hours

The Apple Watch is coming, and the wearable world is waiting with bated breath to see what the tech giants bring to this most competitive market. But while the device is looking like one of the best smartwatches around, it might not be the most long-lasting.

The Watch is currently undergoing testing and sources close to the production line have been speaking out about just how well the battery life is faring. With a gorgeous screen and fast internal processors, it seems Apple is more concerned about performance and graphics than battery life.

Early estimates are suggesting a full charge could last around a day of mixed usage - but when you break that down it gets a little more problematic. Apple defines mixed usage as 2.5-4 hours of active application use and 19 hours of more passive use. Some people would be inclined to use their device much more regularly, especially when you first get the chance to play with it.

The report goes on to say that the device would last 4 days in sleep mode, but it's not at all clear why you would buy an Apple Watch to leave it in sleep mode.

At this relatively early stage in the development of wearable devices, battery life has already become of the major issues in this sector. For those transitioning from a regular watch, the idea of having to charge it everyday is difficult to stomach. And we all know that in use company estimates rarely hold out, meaning that you might run out of juice in your Watch long before your day is done.

There's still no confirmed release date for the Apple Watch (though we've heard rumours of March) and the speculation is that the delay is partly down to these power issues. Let's hope Apple can come up with a solution and get it into people's hands as soon as possible.

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