Apple Watch won't work on some tattooed wrists


Apple Watch won't work on some tattooed wrists

Word of warning for those of you who like your ink; the Apple Watch doesn’t work on some tattooed arms.

Redditor guinne55fan found an Apple Watch bug that will worry tattooed Apple fans. He says that the Watch would “lock up every time the screen went dark and prompted me for my password.” This meant that he wouldn’t receive notifications.

The Apple Watch uses LEDs to detect the blood flow in your veins and your heartbeat as a result. But dark, solid colours appear to be giving the Watch’s sensors some trouble. It may lose connection altogether or report wildly inaccurate heart rate results when placed over tattoos. Tattoos with lighter colours seem to give the Watch less trouble.

Apple did warn that some users may be unable to get any heart rate reading at all. However, it never mentioned, or even hinted at, the factors that could cause this.

The Redditor found a solution of sorts. By turning off wrist detection, messages were delivered to the Watch. However, he may not be able to take advantage of Apple Pay because he can’t use his password as the Watch can’t detect his wrist.

Apple Watch won`t work on some tattooed wrists on
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