Apple won't let anyone else make an Apple Watch face


Apple won't let anyone else make an Apple Watch face

The Apple Watch is out and the public is slowly coming around to the wearable revolution. But not everyone can get in on the action.

It has emerged that Apple's app guidelines won't allow for the approval of any Watch app with the primary function of telling the time. What that boils down to is that if anyone other than Apple tries to make a watch face they won't be able to publish it on the app store.

The Watch comes with 10 faces pre-installed which are all made by Apple and the company will presumably be expanding this number over time. But for right now that means no one else can get in on this potentially lucrative market, and the initial batch is quite limited for users.

There are a couple of reasons why Apple might be doing this - the first being to exercise total control over a potential revenue stream. But with the device just out it might be more a case of making sure the hardware and software are stable before allowing for new apps which could put an undue strain on the system. In any case, there will be no more watchfaces until the device gets a major update from Apple.

In other news the Apple Watch is set to roll out in more countries by the end of June 2015, but we don't yet know if they will include Ireland. More as we get it.

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