Apple's new MacBook Pro is a stunner


Apple's new MacBook Pro is a stunner

Many leaks suggested that a new MacBook Pro was about to be announced, and so it came to pass.

Apple had more than that to show off though, kicking things off with a new part of Apple TV called simply TV. It curates 8000 or so apps which allow you access to all manner of streaming content, though at the moment it doesn't include Netflix.

The big news though was all about the long awaited refresh of the MacBook Pro. 13 and 15 inch models are on the way and, naturally, they're the thinnest versions of the device which Apple has ever made, downl to as little as 14.9 mm.

It's great to see a trackpad that's twice as large, that real estate can never be too big, and if that isn't enough Apple also showed off the much-rumoured touch bar. Instead of the function keys at the top of the keyboard, you'll now find a slim OLED screen which is multi-touch and very high resolution.

The point here is that these buttons can change dynamically and contextually based on what you're doing. Get easy play controls while watching a video, quick suggestions for what you're typing or a bunch of handy emoji. You can also set up favourite shortcuts and functions. This is a pretty neat concept and one that definitely helps the new Pro stand out from the crowd - and it doesn't hurt that it looks great.

The touch bar also includes TouchID with an integrated fingerprint scanner. That's an extra layer of security, and no one is going to complain if they can unlock things on their laptop using their fingerprint. It's also great for Apple Pay and switching users.

The MacBook Pro has a brighter and more detailed screen and comes with significantly faster innards - making this the perfect machine for demanding users.

Up next were a couple of new standalone monitors. Apple is working with LG on a 4k and 5k display which would certainly look great paired up with the MacBook Pro. There's a new MacBook Air on the way that's a little more affordable with slightly lower specs.

All of these models will be on sale by the end of November, and you can get more info and pre-order over on the official site.

The highest spec MacBook goes for €3299.

Apple`s new MacBook Pro is a stunner on
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