Asus Launching First Smartwatch Later This Year


Asus Launching First Smartwatch Later This Year
Device will serve to test the waters of the emerging industry...

Just like pretty much every other major hardware manufacturer before it, Asus has confirmed that it has plans to step into the wearable technology market later this year with the launch of its very first smartwatch, according to company CEO Jerry Shen.

However, unlike other companies that seem intent on throwing the kitchen sink at their smartwatches to attempt to get a foothold in the market before their competitors, Chen claims that Asus is taking a much more reasoned approach to things, and the hardware release later this year will serve more to test the waters for future products and, if successful, increased budget for the wearable technology aspect of the company's business.

It's looking like Asus will have plenty of competition when the device launches, with Motorola and LG already confirming that they'll have similar products available within the same time frame (Motorola's Moto 360 in particular looks like it'll be an incredibly impressive piece of kit), while Apple is wideley expected to launch its own smartwatch in September.

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