Austrian teen sues parents over embarrassing Facebook photos


Austrian teen sues parents over embarrassing Facebook photos

While many Facebook users complain about baby pictures clogging up their News Feed, the subject of those photos may be just as unhappy in years to come. And one Austrian teen has taken a rather extreme course of action over her baby photos being posted to Facebook.

An 18-year-old woman, who has not been named under Austrian privacy laws, said that the photos were embarrassing and a violation of her privacy. Speaking to Austria’s Heute newspaper, she said, “They knew no shame and no limits.”

“They didn't care if I was sitting on the toilet or lying naked in the cot, every moment was photographed and made public,” she added.

She did try to talk to her parents about the photos; she said that she repeatedly asked them to remove around 500 photos of her from the social network, but they refused. As soon as she turned 18, she decided to go down the legal route.

Her father told Die ganze Woche that he saw no reason to take the photos down. “I see it as my right to publish these pictures,” he said. “After all it’s our children and, for my wife and myself; it’s a nice family album that goes down well with our Facebook friends.”

The photos were posted online seven years ago when she was 11. She discovered the pictures chronicling her life when she joined the social network three years later.

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