Babies are getting named for Instagram filters


Babies are getting named for Instagram filters

Instagram is a pretty big deal in many people's lives, with more than 75 million users on the service daily - that's a lot of photos.

The latest craze to come out of Instagram is a pretty unique one, with people now starting to name their kids after their favourite filters. This is a true fact, and Lux is the most popular name right now.

The info comes from which conducted a survey of 340,000 parents worldwide to study naming trends for 2015. And while a surprising number of kids are now called Royalty (wow) and Katniss is still pretty popular, the newest trend is definitely #Instagrambabies.

Lux is up 75 percent for boys, and a bit for girls as well. Technically it's not a filter but it is where you go to choose the intensity of the effect you're adding. Making it all the more weird as a baby name if we're honest. Ludwig is up 43 percent for boys (at least its an actual name) and Amaro and Reyes are also popular.

Girls are mostly getting Juno (again, at least its an actual name) as well as Valencia and Willow. There's a chance that some of these choices came from people who aren't Instagram users. Maybe.

Babies are getting named for Instagram filters on
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