Beats Music Had a Slow First Month


Beats Music Had a Slow First Month
Relatively low figures for debut month, but free trials have kick-started service...

In an attempt to muscle its way into the streaming music industry in much the same way it distrupted (and arguably revitalized) the headphone market, Beats released Beats Music earlier this year, however despite the hype things didn't go quite as well as the company would have hoped.An average of just 1,000 people per day signed up for the service in its first four weeks, meaning a total of around 28,000 subscribers - a long way short of the 5 million the company needs in order to reach profitability.

The figures were divulged to investors last month, and will definitely be a major disappointment, but there are two notable factors that need to be taken into account when disccusing the impact of the figures. Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, following the launch of the service, the Beats Music website suffered from pretty epic server issues that prevented people from signing up - obviously not a good thing for a streaming music site.

And secondly, those figures don't include any major marketing push or initiatives to drive people to the service - those only kicked off afterwards, with a partnership with American wireless provider AT&T delivering 750,000 subscribers in a short window, around 70% of whom are signing up for the full service.

There's still a long way to go for the service, but it doesn't look quite as bad as the initial month's figures would suggest.

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