BlackBerry Launching New Handset with Huge Pixel Density


BlackBerry Launching New Handset with Huge Pixel Density
Square 1440 x 1440 display will have a ppi of 453...

Things may not have been going all that well for BlackBerry over the past couple of years, with even the launch of its much vaunted BB10 operating system failing to stop the company's slide, but that doesn't appear to have stopped them from working on brand new handsets.

Based on information gleaned from the lastest BB10 software development kit, the company is working on an as-yet unannounced handset that'll deliver staggering pixel density to the tune of 453ppi. With a resolution of 1440 x 1440, the device is almost certainly going to feature the company's iconic QWERTY keyboard, but little more is known about the handset.

Earlier this week the company unveiled the BlackBerry Z3, a budget entry level touch screen device that'll be priced at around $200 outright. While that device is an obvious attempt to take on the continued expansion of the low-end Android market, it's unknown what niche the unannounced device will pursue, but one thing's for sure, if high resolution displays are your thing, you're going to love it.

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