Boaty McBoatface will go to sea!


Boaty McBoatface will go to sea!

A little while back, a campaign started to get the public to name a new British research ship. And because this is the internet, the inevitable happened.

It wasn't long before all manner of suggestions were popping up, including RRS Usain Boat, RRS Boatimus Prime and RRS Thanks for all the Fish. But the clear leader from the start was the rightly majestic title of RRS Boaty McBoatface.

Hilarious certainly but the folks at the Natural Enviroment Research Council didn't think the name was quite suitable and decided that they would use their own judgement when choosing a worthy title.

So the ship is now set to be called RRS Sir David Attenborough - which is just about perfect as there's no one on Earth who doesn't like Sir David and his whispering ways.

But Boaty McBoatface never dies, and it turns out the NERC folks are being good sports and using the name for the ships submersible. That means many very important research missions will be undertaken by a bright yellow sub with a very silly name.

A proud day for the internet. The ship will launch in 2019.

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