Camera drones are banned in Sweden


Camera drones are banned in Sweden

Drones are great fun and they're becoming a big part of our technological world- expect to see even more of them at Christmas.

But the whole legal world around these machines is starting to get pretty complicated. In Ireland there are a bunch of rules around where and when you can fly different classes of drones, with more restrictions than many other countries in the world.

Now Sweden has taken things a step further by effectively banning the use of drones which have cameras attached. Given that even some relatively affordable models have some kind of camera functionality, this is quite a major issue for users in the country.

The ruling has been examined by local site Aftonbladet which says that the courts have ruled that these devices are essentially surveillance cameras and those cameras need a license in Sweden. They also have to be used primarily for the prevention of crimes...

It's a pretty strange decision but does mean that anyone using their drone footage shot in Sweden could potentially get in trouble. That will be a major pain for TV and film folks who have been finding impressive uses for the technology at much cheaper rates than hiring a helicopter and crew.

As for whether regular folks uploading their videos to the internet will be targeted, that remains to be seen.

Camera drones are banned in Sweden on
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