Canon 750D and 750D Announced - Better Sensors Faster AF and a Top Mounted LCD Screen


Canon 750D and 750D Announced - Better Sensors Faster AF and a Top Mounted LCD Screen

The entry-level DSLR market is highly competitive, and Canon's latest offering makes that choice even more difficult.

The company unveiled details of their 750D and 760D cameras yesterday, the latest in the line, following on from 2013's 700D. And finally there are some big changes on the way, starting with that sensor.

Canon's D range has been stuck at 18 megapixels for years now but the 750D and 760D bring that up to a far more modern 24.2 MP. It's bigger, sharper and Canon claims it should be faster too, especially in live-view which is something that's long overdue. The 9 point autofocus system gets an upgrade to 19 - in line with Canon's much more expensive 70D - and a new metering sensor allows for better detection of skin tones.

Both cameras feature a 3 inch rotating touchscreen (which is always welcome) and another long overdue feature - WiFi syncing with NFC support. You'll be able to easily pair your smartphone and get editing and sharing while out in the field. You also get 5fps continuous shooting and HD video at 1080p, which is pretty standard.

The 760D will cost $100 more than the 750D but you get plenty for that money, including Canon's first top mounted LCD on the D range. It may not sound like much, but being able to get a quick overview of everything without having to check out the rear screen is highly useful, and using it more can massively help battery drain. The more expensive model also has a rear quick control dial for fast access to features and contuinous focus in live view burst shooting, as well as a sensor which shuts off the rear screen when you use the eyepiece.

All things considered these new cameras represent a real leap forward for Canon's selection of D branded models, with the 760D in particular giving users a real taste of features that would usually only appear in much more expensive bodies. That said, these cameras aren't going to be cheap - the 750D will start at €799body only with the 760D starting at €859.

The Canon 750D and 760D will release in April 2015.

Canon 750D and 750D Announced - Better Sensors Faster AF and a Top Mounted LCD Screen on
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