Check if your PC can handle VR here


Check if your PC can handle VR here

Virtual Reality is most definitely here, with the arrival of the PlayStation VR bringing potentially millions of new players in this world.

But the PC got there first with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift earlier in the year presenting their own systems with headsets and controllers and the Vive also including fancy base stations.

They both also need pretty hefty computers to push all of those demanding pixels and it can be tough to know if you have enough power on hand. That's where VRMark comes in.

This handy piece of software does more than just letting you know if VR will barely run by confirming if you can have a smooth experience with VR - which is very important to ensure you don't end up feeling ill.

It includes a basic and more advanced VR demo and presents a score for your PC afterwards. It's the ideal way to find out if you can get the most out of the new technology before investing serious money in a headset.

You can get the software on Steam over here.

Check if your PC can handle VR here on
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