Chrome brings faster video playback to your phone


Chrome brings faster video playback to your phone

A new version of the Chrome browser for Android smartphones is out now, and it's bringing great changes for video fans.

Chrome 52 is all about making video faster, helping it load up to 5 times quicker which is never a bad thing. On top of that Google is promising that video in general will use up less data and even eat less of your battery.

Here's an example of video playback before and after the update.

It's all about how the content buffers, which makes a difference to eliminating the perceptible pause before videos start to play. The update works best with shorter videos which are pretty popular online but should have an impact on anything which works with HTML 5, including YouTube and Netflix.

Grab the latest version of Chrome on Android to check it out.

Chrome brings faster video playback to your phone on
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