Computers can also beat us at Foosball - we're doomed!


Computers can also beat us at Foosball - we're doomed!

Artificial Intelligence is making great strides towards a future where humans are more and more obselete and it's latest challenge is the most important yet - foosball.

That's right, students at Bringham Young University in Utah in the United States have built a special unit dedicated to table football. It's rigged with a series of cameras and one player side is totally controlled by a computer.

The artificial intelligence reads the actions of the human player and is capable of reacting extremely quickly. In fact, it's already roundly beating all comers. Check out the video below.

The speed of the AI is pretty impressive, even though the code is actually fairly simple. AI has now beaten human players at chess, go and the legendary sport of foosball. The next attempt will be using the classic first person shooter Doom as a test for how advanced this technology has become.

Does it really seem like a good idea to tech the AI to shoot?

Computers can also beat us at Foosball - we`re doomed! on
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