Control BB-8 with the Force Band- coming soon


Control BB-8 with the Force Band- coming soon

BB-8 was the best thing about The Force Awakens and tech company Sphero managed to make one of the best toys ever in their tie in product. It looked great, moved like the real thing and even made cute noises.

Well now they're making their BB-8 even better with the release of the Force Band, which lets you control the little guys using the Force... or gestures basically.

Here's how it looks in action.

Pretty cool stuff. It also seems like Sphero has added a bunch of extra functionality, including being able to locate Holocrons that have been left by other users and even play around with a lightsabre that's invisible.

It looks great too, with a worn style that's a lot prettier than the first test models which first appeared almost a year ago. It launches on the 30th of September alongside a battle worn version of BB-8 who looks pretty cool too.

Control BB-8 with the Force Band- coming soon on
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