Cooliris Finally Lands on Android


Cooliris Finally Lands on Android
Social network image tool finally comes to Android...

If you're an Android owner, the chances are you're not all that familiar with the awesomeness of Cooliris. The service originally launched for iOS devices way back in July of 2012, but has taken until today to actually make it to Google's mobile platform.

The service allows users to connect up to 15 different services (including Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Instagram) into a single interface to share and browse their photos from one single, incredibly easy to use location. If you're reading this and thinking "that's a really good idea", then you've definitely realized just how useful Cooliris can be - particularly given the fact that so many of us now have our favourite images stored across a wide range of online storage mediums.

If you want to jump in and give it a go, you'll need an Android device running at least Android 4.1, but if you've got an older device, you're likely to be in luck in the near future, as Cooliris is currently working on compatibility for older flavours of the mobile OS.

You can check Cooliris out for yourself over at the Google Play Store; it's definitely worth the time!

Cooliris Finally Lands on Android on
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