Cosmo is the robot friend you always wanted


Cosmo is the robot friend you always wanted

Is there anyone out there who hasn't wanted a robot pal at some point? Well now it's possible with Cosmo.

This litle guy from the smart folks at Anki comes with some of the most advanced AI that you can find in the everyday world and a complex series of parts, motors and animations to bring an element of personality and engagement to bear.

He really does look incredibly cute, check out the video.

It's like Wall-E, only he's yours! This isn't just a bot which can be used with a sophisticated remote control, you can really interact with Cosmo and he'll learn your face and get smarter as you play. He's even capable of being disinterested in certain games and he can also get bored and go off and amuse himself. The little guy might even laugh at you if he beats you in a game.

Artificial Intelligence has come on in leaps and bounds and this is one of the first real world applications of the technology. Cosmo looks like an incredible example of what's possible in this world, and he could end up being the first glimpe at the robotic pals of the future.

You'll be able to buy one in October 2016 priced at around $180 (€165) - though of course they're only shipping inside the USA for now. More info over here.

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