Dell debuts world's first wireless charging laptop


Dell debuts world's first wireless charging laptop

The dreary name “Latitude 7285” may not sound like a herald of innovation, but in this case, it is.

That’s the name Dell has given to its new wireless charging laptop.

With a 12” screen the device ships as a tablet for its entry price of €1046 but can’t be charged wirelessly.

To get that feature you’ll need to buy the wireless charging keyboard and pad, which together run €479.

The keyboard clips to the tablet, turning it into a traditional laptop, and the whole apparatus is charged through contacts in the keyboard.

This means that the device will only charge wirelessly when placed correctly on the mat with the keyboard attached.

It’s likely that Dell omitted the charging contacts from the tablet itself to keep the device thin, in order to remain competitive with Apple’s sleek offerings.

(via The Verge)

Dell debuts world`s first wireless charging laptop on
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