Dimple Adds 4 Physical Buttons to Android Devices


Dimple Adds 4 Physical Buttons to Android Devices
NFC-enabled device set to make smartphone use even easier...

A clever new device called Dimple looks like it could make the smartphone experience even easier in the near future, as it adds four physical (and customizable) buttons to any NFC-compatible smartphone device.

The device itself is deceptively simple, essentially an adhesive strip you attach to the back of your smartphone which offers four programmable buttons that you can tailor to launch apps or functions of your smartphone or tablet with a single tap.

Although there's no great hardship to navigating touch-screen menus through the Android interface, the ability to set one of Dimple's buttons to your camera, audio recorder or favourite games and apps could prove to be incredibly useful for heavy smartphone users.

As ingenius and all as the device is, it's not going to be compatible with every smartphone. Devices will need to feature a non-metallic rear as well as have NFC compatibility as standard. There's also the issue that using a protective cover could prevent Dimple from working correctly, but since we haven't had the chance to try one out yet, we can't report as to whether or not that's a real issue.

Potential issues aside, it's an incredibly smart device, and at a cost of just $29 when it launches in the summer (if you want to jump in early, you can pick it up for between $15-27 when its Indiegogo campaign starts on May 6th) it's definitely going to be something that'll appeal to plenty of phone owners!

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