Dinky GoPro Hero 4 Session gets a nice price drop


Dinky GoPro Hero 4 Session gets a nice price drop

GoPro has had their busiest year ever in 2015, with the launch of a number of new cameras an even an entirely new range which is even smaller and more portable than before.

This new model is the GoPro Hero 4 Session - a cube shaped camera which is designed to go just about anywhere and to be extremely easy to use with a single button for most functions. The camera hasn't had the smoothest launch for a variety of reasons but that actually could be great news for you as it has dramatically reduced the price of the device.

The Session debuted at 400 quid and GoPro has just announced a huge price cut to $199 - which somehow translates to €219.99. For that you get the smallest GoPro camera yet, complete with 1080p 60frames video, slow motion capture and a photo burst mode at 10 frames a second. It's waterproof to 10 meters and comes with its own housing to it will just never be bulky and is really easy to use, even when you're wearing gloves or spending time under the water.

It looks like a fun little device, and that price point is much better for those with a casual interest in taking video with them everywhere, especially as the camera lacks the more powerful capabilities of the Hero 4 Black, or even the screen of the Hero+ LCD. This may have been a bit of a mis step for GoPro but now's the time to take advantage - and just in time for Christmas.

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