Exposed- viral videos faked by Australian company


Exposed- viral videos faked by Australian company

Viral videos are a huge part of the data that's shared on the internet everyday, so much so that you just know marketing executive for huge brands are sitting around large tables trying to figure out to make something 'go viral.'

The simple answer to that question is you can't because it relies on so many random criteria outside of your control. You could also say that the best videos are things that just happened and couldn't be planned - well Aussie company The Woolshed has something to share with you; they're a viral video machine which has been conducting a social experiment for the last two years.

Did you see that video of a dude almost getting eaten by a shark or sucked away by a tornado? How about a clumsy Stormtrooper or a recent clip of a skier being chased by a bear? Yes, they were all fake.

All the videos are over on their page and some of them really did capture the attention of the world, getting their place on actual news sites. Now we have to say most of these seemed pretty fake to us, especially that bear who seemed to be skating through the background of the video, but it seems at least some people were caught up in the ruse.

What was the point? Well as a full service production studio you can be pretty sure that the Woolshed folks were hoping this would work as a major worldwide advertisement, and they're sure to get at least some business, but only if this reveal video goes as wide as their viral ones!

Exposed- viral videos faked by Australian company on
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