Facebook at Work wants to be... Facebook in your work


Facebook at Work wants to be... Facebook in your work

Facebook at Work is a new product from the massively successful social networking company which wants to bring a similar system to your office.

The word is that it's pretty similar to regular Facebook, with a News Feed and it's own Messenger app but it curates content internally for your company. That means being able to keep track of internal meetings, groups and activities and also having the ability to comment on and share them as you do everyday on Facebook.

It will do more than just that, bringing employees closer together in a way that's more social and also has the potential for more scrutiny. The software might even be able to give managers an overview of the general level of happiness in their employees.

An early version of the system already has several million users and companies of any size will be able to test it for free for a few months. After that, a monthly fee will be payable, depending on many users are on board.

Expect more official news on Facebook at Work soon.

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