Facebook Buying Oculus Validates Sony's VR Efforts - Yoshida


Facebook Buying Oculus Validates Sony's VR Efforts - Yoshida
Controversial takeover is a good thing claims Sony exec...

Shuhei Yoshida, head of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, has claimed that Facebook's controversial takeover of Oculus is good news for Sony's own virtual reality device, Project Morpheus, as it opens up the world of VR to a much larger audience, validating the company's work.

Speaking to Engadget at the Computer History Museum in Californaia, Yoshida said:

I woke up that morning and saw the announcement,And I was like, "yeah!"For me, it was a validation for VR,We meant to validate Oculus by announcing Morpheus, andthe Oculus guysknew what we were working on. I think they were waiting for us to make the announcement, so it would be Sony and Oculus together,but now Oculus being acquired by Facebook is helping to validateour efforts.More people will know about VR!

Mark [Zuckerberg]said be believes VR can be the next platform after mobile.That's big thinking, and kind of excitesourthinking.We've thought of doing virtual travel or something, but talking about a new platform? What does that mean?

VR of the past, including our own prototype, has been very difficult to use in terms of getting headaches and becoming nauseated.Those early prototypes had larger latency and the positional tracking may not have worked as well. I feel really sorry for people developing VR stuff! They have to test it! With the kit we have now,what we demonstrated at GDC, I think its the first time we can really provide developers with something and say, you can use ours, and you'll be alright.

We need to share knowledge.We can't just make the hardware, it's the game applications that need to be designed well. We need time for developers to experiment and find the killer application, and at the same time we need to learn how VR applicationsshouldbe designed.

Sony unveiled its own take on virtual reality with Project Morpheus at this year's Game Developers Conference, but as yet there is no official release date or retail price for the hardware.

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