Facebook can hide your ex after a breakup


Facebook can hide your ex after a breakup

Break ups are never easy, but they're a bit less hard now thanks to Facebook.

The social media service is rolling out some tools to help with moving on. The beta will let users 'take a break' from a person on Facebook - effectively removing their presence from your feeds and also giving you some control over what they'll see from you. It will remove their tags from older photos as well, so you won't accidentally browse to them quite so much.

It's a potentially useful mechanism and one which is designed to mitigate the emotional trauma of seeing an ex immediately after breaking up, without having to actually unfriend them on Facebook. Hopefully, you'll be able to be friends again one day, and it would be a shame to lose all of the good times you had together. You just need a little time to heal, and Facebook wants to help with that.

This tool is currently in a test phase in the US and they're all totally optional - you can continue to see everything if you want or opt into some of the elements and not others. There's no word on a worldwide release just yet but Facebook will be tweaking these options in reponse to user feedback.

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