Facebook Drops Poke and Camera Apps


Facebook Drops Poke and Camera Apps
Unsuccessful apps removed from Facebook lineup...

Although you don't normally associated the name Facebook with failure, the company hasn't exactly had it its own way all the time, particularly when it comes to apps and services. While the main Facebook product is continuing to go from strength to strength, the company has decided that the time is now right to get rid of two of its failed products.

Both the Facebook Camera and Poke apps have been removed from the company's app roster following poor performance and a lack of consumer uptake.

Launched in May 2012, Facebook's Camera app was intended to give the likes of Instagram a run for their money (this was before Facebook decided it would be easier just to buy Instagram), but it failed to capture the imagination of the snap happy public. The Poke app, allegedly built in 12 days as a "joke" suffered from a similar lack of consumer interest, but Mark Zuckerberg claims it was never intended as a "proper" product anyway, so its removal shouldn't be too surprising.

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