Facebook for work launches- now called Workplace


Facebook for work launches- now called Workplace

Facebook wants to take over your work life as well with a new product which is designed to make communicating with your colleagues easier.

Workplace is your social network for your company. With an entirely separate email and ID, you'll log into a familiar Facebook like platform which is shared among the people you work with. There's a news feed for sharing projects and updates, personal and group messaging and the ability to like, comment and share.

There are many other features as well but the biggest advantage this system has over rivals like Slack is that it's just like Facebook which many people are certainly going to be instantly comfortable with. Here's a cheery video.

Workplace has just launched after an extensive Beta period and Facebook says more than 100 organisations around the world are already using it. You'll be able to broadcast using Live video and create groups for projects. The intention is to really bring co-workers together in an easy and accessible way, regardless of whether they're in the next room or another continent.

Facebook is also launching a new feature- Multi-Company Groups. The name is pretty self explanatory, allowing for folks in different workplaces to collaborate on projects.

Workplace is available for companies of any size and comes with a three month free trial. After that, pricing starts at $3 per active user for smaller companies and goes down to one dollar for places with over 10,000 employees. If you're a non-profit or educational institution, it's free forever.

Find out more about Workplace over here.

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