Facebook Releases It's Top Trending Topics for 2014


Facebook Releases It's Top Trending Topics for 2014

As 2014 comes to a close, it's getting to that time when the last 12 months is broken down and collated into lists, topics and trends.

And few such lists are more revealing than the trending topics on Facebook. With millions of users interacting every day from the computer, tablet and mobile, it's a snapshot of billions of conversations and a vital way to look at what people cared about most this year.

Taken globally, the top trending topic was all about football. The World Cup 2014 dominated the conversation, no doubt because it was a topic which took in so much of the globe. Taking a look at the rest of the top 10, what's most surprising is how news led it is, how little of the topic results are about the celeb-led, cute kitten internet generation that we're supposed to be living in.

Here's the most impressive video.

Both the Ebola breakout and the positive action of the Ice Bucket Challenge ranked high, while the only real celeb mention in the top 10 was for the tragic loss of comic Robin Williams. Here's the full global list.

1. World Cup

2. Ebola Virus Outbreak

3. Elections in Brazil

4. Robin Williams

5. Ice Bucket Challenge

6. Conflict in Gaza

7. Malaysia Airlines

8. Super Bowl

9. Michael Brown/Ferguson

10. Sochi Winter Olympics

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