Fact vs Fiction - Selfies


Fact vs Fiction - Selfies

We've all done it. Whether we're wearing something noteworthy, standing in front of something noteworthy, or just breathing in close proximity to someone noteworthy, we whip out our mobile, thumb the front facing camera and document the evidence for all to see. But there is perhaps more to the Selfie craze than meets the eye...

Fiction – Popular though it is, Selfie isn’t technically a real word.

Fact – It is. At least according to the Oxford English Dictionary. Otherwise they never would have crowned it ‘Word of the Year 2013’.

Fiction – ‘Selfie’ is short for ‘Self Portrait’

Fact – Bit of an ambiguous definition here, but while a Self Portrait is any picture taken of you, it only qualifies as a Selfie if the subject of the photograph is also the one operating the camera.

Fiction - Taking a Selfie is an entirely selfish action

Fact – Actually, taking a Selfie can in some instances help others. Back in March the ‘No-Makeup Selfie’ campaign started in the UK raised literally millions for cancer charities.

Fiction – ‘Selfie’ is a very contemporary term.

Fact – The word isn’t as modern as you might expect. In fact its genesis can be traced back as far as 2004, where Flickr boasts the first recorded instance of #Selfie.

Fiction – Selfies increase your standing in Social Media

Fact – Quite the opposite actually – A 2013 study of Facebook users discovered that repeated posting of Selfies correlated with decreasing levels of intimacy and support from Facebook friends. So just because Selfie is a buzzword, doesn’t mean people automatically revise their position on self-centredness…

Fiction – Only a Human Being can take a Selfie

Fact – This monkey would beg to differ. An enterprising macaque monkey commandeered photagrapher David Slater’s camera for a sneaky selfie back in 2011.

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