Firefox Gets a Major Overhaul


Firefox Gets a Major Overhaul
Huge update adds tons of functionality...

Remember Firefox? That's the one, the browser you used to use before Google stole your heart with the awesome Chrome! Well, thanks to a pretty major overhaul to almost every aspect of the browser by Mozilla, it's setting itself up to go head to head with the might of Google once again!

Today marks the biggest changes in Firefox since Mozilla attempted to reboot the browser back in 2011, and based on the time we've spent with it so far, it looks as though keen internet users will now have some tough decisions to make on whether or not to stick with their existing browser.

Some of the 1,300changes that have been implemented include an all-new interface, streamlined for usability and customization, an easily accessibleDownload Manager and an aesthetic that draws heavily on the company's experience working with mobile devices.

Speaking about the new look and feel for Firefox, product VP Jonathan Nightingale said:

People are using the Web differently than they used to and we need to give them a richer set of tools for customizing the way that they experience the Web.Most desktops are not touch enabled, but they're moving that way. You could say it's picking up design ideas from mobile, or you could just say that it's well designed.We've always been proud of our add-on experience, but the built-in customization tools were in need of love. You can now drag-and-drop to customize the menu, just as you can with other browser interface elements such as the location bar or search box.

You can take a look at some of the key features in the video below, before heading off to download the browser free of charge right here.

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