Fitbit announces three new activity trackers


Fitbit announces three new activity trackers

With competition growing in the fitness wearable market, Fitbit is plotting an all-out assault on multiple fronts with the announcement of three new devices.

The Fitbit Charge is essentially the replacement for Fitbit’s recalled Force. But it adds automatic sleep tracking to its list of features. So, you no longer need to remember to tell your Fitbit that you’ve woken up and that you’re ready to attack the day. Otherwise, it has the same features as the Force, including the caller-ID functions. You can expect the Charge to last for approximately seven days.

While Fitbit is announcing three devices, two of them bear the Charge moniker. The second, the Charge HR, features a heart rate monitor. This shortens the battery life of the device slightly, though you can still expect five days of usage, but otherwise the basic features remain the same.

Finally, Fitbit announced the Surge, which is the company’s first attempt at tailoring for the more serious fitness enthusiasts. Not only does the Surge track activity, but it features a GPS module for tracking runs and a heart rate monitor. The Surge features a touchscreen, has caller ID, and allows you to control your music. Plus, Fitbit maintains that the Surge will last for seven days, though that is with GPS turned off.

The Charge will retail for approximately $130, while the Charge HR and Surge will cost $150 and $250 respectively when they go on sale next year.

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