Flickr gets massive update - photo organising and editing now a cinch


Flickr gets massive update - photo organising and editing now a cinch

In case you don't know Flickr is a website which lets you store and share your photos. It differs from sites like Instagram by having more of a professional focus - for example giving registered users the ability to store full res versions of their photos rather than having them compressed by the demands of mobile.

It's an impressive service, and also one which was starting to feel a bit old and clunky - not surprising considering its been around since 2004. Happily enough, its just receieved a massive overhaul on mobile and desktop.

There has been a visual redesign of course but the company really wants you to make the most of the massive 1 terabyte (1,000 gigabytes) of available storage and do so with the main new additions - Uploadr and Camera Roll.

The improved Uploadr lets you easily get photos from your hard drive or phone, etc onto Flickr. And it's really set up for bulk, capable of accepting as many as half a million photos and processing them all - Flickr suggest you go make some food or something in the meantime. You can also set the Uploadr to scan selected folders frequently, automatically backing up images in a similar way to Google's autobackup.

Uploadr works with mobile and desktop to keep your many photos available online whenever you need them and they go up marked private and ready to play with whenever you get a chance. Which is where the other new addition comes in.

You may have noticed a beta version of Camera Roll operating over the last couple of months but its now ready for its big debut. As you upload your many thousands of photos, Camera Roll lets you easily view, organise and discard as you go. It's designed to work fluidly with multiple platforms and has specific mouse and touch gestures to make organising a breeze.

There's more as well. A new command called 'Magic View' instantly organising your photos in unique categories - like landscape, black & white, etc - using sophisticated algorithms that you don't need to understand to enjoy. You can also share from the site more easily and, for the first time, download massive numbers of photos at once and zip them. Because sometimes you'll also want to make a local backup!

The new version of Flickr is coming to iOS, Android and web right now - check for the latest updates and enjoy the changes.

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Flickr gets massive update - photo organising and editing now a cinch on
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