Flipboard's personalised magazines now available on the web


Flipboard's personalised magazines now available on the web

Flipboard today launched its magazine-style news app on the web, adding to its already successful mobile apps.

The app currently has approximately 50 million monthly users on mobile devices and the company is hoping to add to this impressive tally by making its services available on laptops and desktops. The bigger screen lends itself to an app like Flipboard, which utilises the added screen real estate well. Unlike the mobile version, users scroll through magazines rather than flip.

Otherwise, the two versions are quite similar. Users are presented with cover stories when they open the app, can browse through a variety of stories and topics, click links to open the full story, or “flip” the story into their own magazine. Flipboard claims that users have created around 15 million of these collections.

At the moment, Flipboard for the web won’t carry ads. But you can be sure that ads are a part of the eventual plan. In the meantime, Flipboard is hoping that the web service can draw in users via search results and articles shared on social networks.

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Flipboard`s personalised magazines now available on the web on ClickOnline.com
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