Florida man suing Apple claiming he invented iPhone


Florida man suing Apple claiming he invented iPhone

Thomas S Ross from Florida is suing Apple for $10 billion as he claims that the company stole and exploited his idea. He filed a patent for an “electronic reading device” in 1992, which he says that Apple hijacked.

His lawsuit argues that he was “the first to file a device so designed and aggregated as to have created a novel combination of media and communication tools… whose identity was, since then, hijacked and exploited by Apple's iPhones, iPods, iPads and others.” The lawsuit also includes drawings of Ross' original patent, which he argues Apple's products closely resemble. The lawsuit says that Apple's devices “are substantially the same as his technical drawings of the ERD, and that Apple's three-dimensional derivative devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad), embody the non-functional aesthetic look and feel.”

Alongside the base sum of $10 billion, Ross claims that he is owed "a reasonable royalty" of 1.5% of all of Apple's future sales.

An important point is that Ross' patent was never actually approved, as he failed to pay the necessary fees. The application was subsequently declared abandoned in 1995. However, he says that Apple adopted "a culture of dumpster diving as an R&D strategy." The lawsuit even goes on to quote Steve Jobs who once said, "We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas." You can't get much more of an ironclad case than that.

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