Full-Sized iPad Bypasses iPad mini in Shipment Volume


Full-Sized iPad Bypasses iPad mini in Shipment Volume
New numbers show that iPad mini popularity may be waning...

Since the iPad mini launched it has proven to be a runaway success for Apple, almost immediately cementing itself as the go-to option for consumers in the company's tablet range. However, that momentum looks to have swung back to the full-sized device once again, with shipments of the larger tablet surpassing those of the mini in the first quarter of 2014.

According to the numbers published by ZDNet Korea, the 9.7 inch variants of the iPad shipped 8.4 million units between January and the end of March of this year, with the smaller devices only managing around 6 million - which is hardly a poor performance by any standards.

Whether this means that the novelty of the iPad mini has worn off among consumers remains to be seen, however. It's very possible that those who picked up a first generation mini when it launched are now turning their attention to the iPad Air as their next purchase in order to shake things up a little.

When the mini originally launched, its specs weren't comparable with the most recent full-sized iPad of the time, however, last year's launch of the mini with Retina Display and the rebranded iPad Air saw the gap disappear, with both devices offering almost identical specifications, differentiated only by form factor.

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