Fund Ireland's first Cat Cafe on Kickstarter


Fund Ireland's first Cat Cafe on Kickstarter

Do you like coffee and cats - well a Cat Cafe is just the thing for you!

This phenomenon started in Japan (where else) and has been slowly spreading around the world since then. Now it has landed in Ireland and the Crazy Cat Cafe is ready to launch in Dublin. But it needs your help.

Georgina O'Neill has a property in mind and a full plan for what she wants to achieve with the Crazy Cat Cafe, now she just needs a little money to get started. A new Kickstarter campaign has been set up, with a goal of €35,000. That will be enough to get set up and get punters in the door. There are a range of rewards on offer, from a discounted visit to the cafe to sponsoring and naming your own kitty. Click here to give it a view.

As much as we're intrigued by the idea of a Cat Cafe coming to Dublin we've also been here before with the same project appearing on Indiegogo back in March 2015. The goal has been reduced from €50,000 which is a good first step but there are still some warning signs for those familar with crowdfunding. There's a lack of info on what the money will be used for (and a lack of content overall) as well as a big gap between the tiers - potential backers need options and need to feel like they're getting some value for supporting the project.

The campaign is also missing a video which is of huge importance on Kickstarter. It's all the more strange when you consider that all it would take would be some images of very cute cats being cute near cups of coffee, that's guaranteed to get more dollars in. And what will the t-shirts look like, when will the venue open... there are far too many questions left unanswered. It was confirmed on Facebook that you will be able to use credit cards to back this time, rather than just PayPal, so that's a start.

You can find out more about the campaign here.

Fund Ireland`s first Cat Cafe on Kickstarter on
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