Funding ending soon for new Pebble- there's still time!


Funding ending soon for new Pebble- there's still time!

Pebble has already launched two products in a big way on Kickstarter, and their most recent campaign is the biggest yet.

The company decided to go all out and release a total of three new products, including an update to the original Pebble watch and the Pebble time with new included heart rate monitors. And they've also decided to reveal a totally new product - the Core which allows you to log your run without having to take your smartphone along.

Pebble has earned a massive $12 million from the campaign so far and with less than 24 hours to go there's still time to grab your Pebble 2, Time 2 or Pebble Core. That figure puts them in position at the third most funded Kickstarter of all time, between the Coolest Cooler and the first Pebble project from May 2012.

Naturally, they'd like to push over to the second highest (right behind Pebble Time) but currently that would take an extra million or so, which is looking a bit unlikely. Still if you wanted to add anything to your pledge, they're offering add ons for the early bird price, including a core for just 69 quid and the Pebble 2 at 99 dollars. That's a pretty great deal if you were thinking of getting involved.

More info over here.

Funding ending soon for new Pebble- there`s still time! on
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