Funny parody ad explains why the Apple Watch costs $10000


Funny parody ad explains why the Apple Watch costs $10000

Since its announcement, have you found yourself wondering why Apple would bother releasing a version of the Apple Watch that costs more than $10,000? This parody ad is here to answer that.

As it turns out, the most obvious answer may well be the correct one. They released it because there’s more than likely someone out there who’s rich and wants people to know that. As the ad points out, the various Watch models are functionally the same. All that varies is the price.

The Apple Watch retails for a minimum of $349, but if you’re feeling flush with cash, you can spend significantly more. The wearable can cost upwards of $10,000, possibly even as much as $17,000, depending on the size, materials, and band you like.

The parody ad kicks off with ‘Jony Ive’ introducing Apple’s “revolutionary product.” CEO ‘Tim Cook’ also chimes in to explain the benefits of spending so much on the Watch. It’s well worth a watch.

Will you be picking up the Apple Watch? Do you plan to show people how wealthy you are or do you have more moderate tastes?

Funny parody ad explains why the Apple Watch costs $10000 on
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