Fury Road will launch Warner's 4K Blu-ray future


Fury Road will launch Warner's 4K Blu-ray future

Right so we've had standard definition DVD and high definition (1080p) blu-ray, now it's time for 4K to take the spotlight.

That means not only a whole new TV and player but also a new standard of disk, with 4K content loaded on and also a fancy high speed HDMI cable to bring all of those images in perfect quality. Right now you can get the TVs but the players and disks will only be launching later in 2016. Many studios are getting ready to jump on the 4K revolution, including Warner Bros.

The studios home entertainment department has confirmed that they'll be putting 35 flicks out to market on 4K blu-ray by the end of 2016, and the first four will be, unsurprisingly, real visual showcases including Pan and San Andreas. We're definitely looking forward most to other offerings Pacific Rim and Mad Max Fury Road - which are utterly astounding visual treats.

Warner Bros' title will also include HDR which is another emerging technology. Put simply, it's designed to reduce the contrast between light and dark parts of the image, allowing you to see more detail than ever before, in the same way as a HDR photo on your smartphone.

Now while we're totally behind a more immersive home cinema experience but things are starting to get a bit more complicated with this technology. For one thing, we'll be seeing plenty of movies which have their CG sequences rendered for a much lower resolution which are then being upscaled. You might get into the situation where live action sequences or elements stand out even more from their digitally created backgrounds.

And HDR could also be problematic, especially as studios clamour to implement the technology quickly without due care and attention. They run the risk of detracing from the original intentions of the director by playing with areas of light and shadow. What does this do if the filmmakers wanted to show off a harshly defined silhouette?

It remains to be seen just how this is going to pan out, let's hope everyone keeps in mind what is best for both the filmmakers and the film fans at either ends of the pipeline.

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